Finding A Voice — Again — In The Pages Of A Comic Book

This is a story about love. It’s a story about bad things happening to good people, about memory and perseverance — and comic books. But most of all, it’s a story about a voice. A mellow, smooth voice, just right for late-night jazz. The voice belonged to David Rector, who was a producer here at NPR, going all the way […]

Rising Above a Disability Through a Comic Book

In March of 2009, David Rector suffered a series of horrific medical crises. The former NPR producer, with a voice like black velvet caressing your skin, lost the ability to speak—or walk. He was virtually comatose for two weeks. But a friend suggested using Rector’s encyclopedic knowledge and love of comic books—especially D.C. Comic’s Superman and Batman—to bring him back. […]

David Seeks to Have His Voting Rights Restored

SAN DIEGO – As the November presidential election neared, it looked like David Rector would once again be unable to vote. Five years ago, a judge ruled that a traumatic brain injury disqualified him. Then the 66-year-old former NPR producer learned about a California law that makes it easier for people with developmental disabilities to keep and regain the right […]

David Rector Wants His Right To Vote Restored

SAN DIEGO – A former producer at NPR who lost his ability to walk and speak asked a judge Tuesday to restore his right to vote under a new California law that makes it easier for people with disabilities to keep that right and regain it if lost. David Rector, 66, handed a letter to a court clerk shortly after […]

San Diego Judge Rejects Disabled Man’s Petition To Vote — For Now

A California judge ruled that a former NPR producer who had a traumatic brain injury has so far failed to demonstrate he is qualified to vote despite a new state law that makes it easier for people with developmental disabilities to keep and restore the right to cast a ballot. San Diego County Superior Court Judge Julia C. Kelety held […]

Disabled And Fighting For The Right To Vote

Tens of thousands of Americans with disabilities have lost their voting rights. It usually happens when a court assigns a legal guardian to handle their affairs. Now, some of those affected are fighting to get back those rights. David Rector recently went to Superior Court in San Diego, Calif., to file a request to have his voting rights restored. Rector […]

California Judge Restores Disabled Man’s Right To Vote

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A California judge restored the voting rights of a man with a traumatic brain injury after expressing doubts about his ability to communicate but saying she was bound by a new state law that makes it easier for people with developmental disabilities to cast a ballot. San Diego Superior Court Judge Julia C. Kelety raised concern […]

Disabled and Disenfranchised

As many as 34 million Americans with disabilities could head to the polls in November, even as advocates say problems with access remain widespread. People with developmental and mental disabilities can face an especially tough time at the polls — assuming they’re allowed to vote at all. According to the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, an organization that looks at […]

Disabled and Disenfranchised: Families Fight To Restore Voting Rights

In Southern California, another conservatee was fighting for the right to vote. Former National Public Radio producer David Rector lost his voting rights in 2011 after suffering a traumatic brain injury that left him unable to walk or speak. His fiancée, Roz Alexander-Kasparik, became his conservator, and said she did not question when their attorney checked a box on a […]

If & Hope – Michael Davis, From The Edge

Michael Davis writes Jack Kirby created the Black Racer, and his bedridden alter ego Sgt. Willie Walker in 1971. In the origin story Walker, an African American is paralyzed during a firefight in Vietnam. The army returns the young hero home where his wife resigns herself to taking care of him. The ‘Source’ Kirby’s mysterious power entity visits Walker and […]

Krip-Hop Nation Interviews David and Roz on Their Comic RECALL AND GIVEN

Krip-Hop Nation:  Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.  This comic book, RECALL AND GIVEN, is really about your relationship. Tell us how did you meet, and what are the turning points in this book.’  David Rector & Roz Alexander-Kasparik: We met decades ago at National Public Radio (NPR) headquarters in David’s hometown of Washington, D.C. David had been a […]


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